Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Getting the Word out on the Eclipse

I notice lots of publicity, more and more, as the date of the total solar eclipse approaches. Not to be left out, here are some promotional/publicity activities we’re planning for our anthology, DAY OF THE DARK: Stories of Eclipse, coming this month from Wildside Press to celebrate the August 21st total solar eclipse in the US.

Some of our dates are indefinite, but I wanted to get these out there.

Look for our ad in Kings River Life with a preorder link!

I was interviewed for Criminal Element by Katherine Tomlinson. The interview will appear soon.

An interview of all 24 of us, short ones, will appear on Writers Who Kill. Questions from E. B. Davis.

B. K. Stevens is featuring a few of the authors on her wonderful First Two Pages blog in July, so check in there a few times on Tuesdays.

A number of the authors are approaching local observatories to see if they’re interested in a partnership.

I need to mention my previous blog posts with tidbits about each story:
MORE ECLIPSE GLIMPSES (I didn’t notice I’d already used this one)
THIRD ELCIPSE GLIMPSE (really the 4th, that duplicate title confused me)
MORE ECLIPSE GLIMPSES (at least it’s a different title)
MY LAST ECLIPSE TEASERS (try typing the words “eclipse” and “glimpse” this many times!)

And last, but definitely not least, Vickie Turner Goodwin is giving us a live launch on Mystery Thriller Week.

One of the story authors, Laura Oles, put together a press release that I’ll share here, too, soon.

(I’m so pumped that we’ll have totality in my own town!

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