Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mystery Thriller Week and My Sad Valentine

This is my first post of 2017. We’ve been having a rough time over here. Hubby, who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, two conditions that no one on earth deserves, had a major setback in January. He grew so weak from malnutrition, due to his swallowing difficulties, that he had to have a feeding tube put in. On Friday the 13th of January, of all days. The 13th has always been our lucky day as we were both engaged and later married on the 13th. Our luck isn’t holding lately. The hospital stay did a lot of damage and he’s now having to learn to walk again. He had home rehab for awhile, my choice, so he could collect his mind, bring it back to wherever it had gone in the hospital. That happened and he’s now in a rehab facility. I’m not liking any of this.

There are a couple of bright spots keeping me going—and distracted from all this.

Mystery Thriller Week

I’m not doing as good a job promoting this as I could if I weren’t spread thin right now, but consider this an attempt! I’m doing 3 Power Hours, beginning today. Each one is 10-11 am Eastern Time and each one involves a giveaway from a different series. Today is CHOKE, the 16th is EINE KLEINE MURDER, and the 17th is DEATH IN THE TIME OF ICE. I would love you to come chat!

Here's a great place to sign up to win prizes!

I’ve also been lucky enough to net a ton of reviews and interviews. Here are most of them:

DAY OF THE DARK anthology: Eclipse Stories

I got a ton of excellent submissions for this. Too many, in fact. I had to turn down some very good stories so that the paperback will be printable. Wildside Press will get this out before the August 21st total solar eclipse. I’ll keep you up to date on this.


  1. I'm so sorry! What unimaginably hard times for you and your husband. Sometimes we are asked to endure the impossible. Somehow we do it, even when it does break our hearts.

    lrs (Librariandoa)

  2. Thanks for posting. Yes, it's a lot lately.

  3. I'm sorry for what your husband, and you, are going through. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  4. Kaye, what a marvel you are. I did not realize this about your husband's health and I pray for you and your husband now. I think you did a wonderful job with Mystery Thriller Week and I am so touched that you would continue to participate with all this happening in your life. We loved every moment of your participation. I as you might discern, and am still playing catch-up with blog posts and MTW topics. I am reading your book now and am so glad that I have met you. I feel very fortunate to have become a fan and I hope a friend.

  5. Thanks very much, Vicki. I don't know how you kept up with all the activity! It was a fast pace. I think most of it worked well and I saw some sales bumps, so here's another Thank You--for MTW. We're bumping along here as well as we can, as long as we can. Good luck catching up!