Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Short News

I got a wonderful surprise Facebook message a few days ago! My short story, “Murder with Crow,” was accepted for an anthology called COOKED TO DEATH. No, my characters aren’t eating crow! Although the theme of the collection is cooking and murder. The recipe that goes with my story is a zucchini bread recipe, the best one I’ve ever run across. I’ve had it many, many years and it includes a secret ingredient. (I’ll post a picture of the cover as soon as I get it.)

This tale is much lighter than the one that’s in MEMPHIS NOIR. I got my 2 author copies this week! So I do have a picture of them. I got the best review I’ve ever gotten in my life of my story, “Heartbreak at Graceland.” That’s because the review is in Publishers Weekly and it mentions me! (a powerful and definitely dark narrative) Here’s a link

You can see my desk! That's because I put my Neanderthal research away, finally.

I have my short story crit partners to thank for polishing the Crow story, and the authors of HEARTACHE HOTEL, by Henery Press, for extra-special guidance about Graceland. 

I love how mystery writers never have to be alone—the most giving people ever.


  1. I'm worried that you got research from Heartache Motel. LOL! And I want that zucchini bread recipe, so I'll be looking for Cooked to Death!

  2. I also used a wonderful video and some other things, since I couldn't get to Graceland before the deadline. There was great info in your book!

  3. Congrats, Kaye! And I LOVE zucchini bread! I need a good recipe.

  4. Thanks, Terri! I'll let you know when Cooked to Death is ready for purchase. Watch this space!