Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Few Crazy Things

I’ve gathered together a few possibilities for blogs, but realize that just one isn’t enough for a blog. So I’m giving you several of them.

First of all, this gift idea for writers—or anyone who jots down notes. Don’t ask me what waterproof paper is! 8 people gave glowing testimonials, although not one would give a complete name, I noticed.

Second, exploding butter.
I’ll add that I’ve melted butter in pyrex in the microwave for years and have never had this happen. Still waiting for this big excitement!

Now that vinyl is making a comeback, how about a portablerecord player?

Electrified water never caught on

Before e-readers, there was the Fiske Reading Machine. It never quite caught on.

Hope you enjoy this collection of oddities!


  1. I'm still stuck on the exploding butter.

  2. Blowing testimonials? Yikes!
    Way cool you have those audio samples available what a neat idea.

  3. Blowing? Yikes! I'm fixing that. Thanks for telling me.