Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fat Cat Spreads Out ARC Giveaway

Guess why I didn’t post last week? I was busy furiously editing to meet the deadline to turn in my manuscript for Fat Cat #3, as yet unnamed. I’d like to call it FAT CAT UNLEASHED, because Quincy, in the process of being leash trained, gets loose and finds—you guessed it, a dead body. However, there’s no official title yet. Lots of editing left, too!

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, the ARCs (Advance Reader Copy) arrived for Fat Cat #2—FAT CAT SPREADS OUT! It does have a title and will be released June 2nd.

I have earmarked most of the ARCs to be doled out to reviewers. However, there are still a few left. Below is what the actual cover will look like.

I’d like to give away 2 of the ARCs at Janet Cantrell’s place ( If you’d like one, please hope over there and leave a comment. (You may see a post very similar to this one over there.) The giveaway will close midnight EST on Sunday, the 22nd.

Maybe, with this deadline met, I’ll post more regularly both here and at Janet’s.


  1. Love the cover for #2. Congratulations on meeting that deadline.

  2. Thanks! I think it needs more polish, but I'm confident the editors can help with that. Glad it's done.