Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Post Halloween Thoughts

Thought #1. The same one we usually have. We bought too much candy. This year was worse than
some because it started raining at 7. We got 5 trick or treaters, then, I figure, the fled to the nice warm, dry mall, where candy was also being handed out.

Thought #2. November 2nd was National Cookie Monster Day, but why isn’t it National Leftover Candy Day? That would make sense. Or maybe have that one on November 1st and then follow it with the lovable Monster’s day.

Thought #3. Thanksgiving is next, although it’s hard to discern, since the only commercial value is to the grocery stores. Should we try for a fresh turkey this year? They turn out well, no thawing required. And I have a handy new meat thermometer that I can read outside the oven.

Thought #4. I kind of miss the injected deep-fried turkeys our son
used to make when he was single. And the ones Hubby used to smoke all day on the driveway. Neither of these guys are inclined to do these any more. Things change.

Thought #5. Even though I lament the early advertising for Christmas, I need to get cracking on gifts. I have two packages that I sent overseas and they need to go out this month. Pretty soon, actually. That’s why I shop for Christmas all year long.


  1. Lots of leftover candy here, too. Someone needs to come up with a great "Halloween candy stuffing" recipe for turkey.

  2. I thought we had more new little kids in the neighborhood this year but the turnout was small.
    Eating at a sisters so I don't have to think about thanksgiving.
    Having a holiday "open house" just before Christmas so I'm planning that to death.

  3. We're having TG here and I'm thinking of ordering a fresh turkey. Haven't gotten beyond that.

    Daughter's family is staying with us for Christmas and we're looking forward to that! I've been thinking about an open house, but I'm not a bit ready.

  4. I'm a bit horrified to say I've only ever made Frozen turkey. Mom always had frozen, and I wonder if she may have had some aversion to fresh that I carry without knowing it. We get odd things in our heads. We did the Open House once before and it was a great success. I did just a two hour time slot and it really was nice for people to drop in and say Merry Christmas, eat, chat, play board games or XBox Kinect sports. We rotate hosting Christmas and one sister felt it wasn't like Christmas because there were no presents.