Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Murder in the Magic City AND on the Menu

Last weekend, I attended these two sister mystery conferences in Alabama. Murder in the MagicCity, sponsored by the Sisters in Crime group in Birmingham, meets in the huge Rockwood Library meeting room.  Twenty-three authors were featured on panels and signings. We were fed extremely well and chauffeured around by cheerful, willing locals. The event was well-attended by eager book lovers.
Saturday group by Steve Herring

short story panel: me, Tony P. Kelner, Paula Benson, Jim Jackson (Denise Swanson & Bert Goolsby not pictured)

Signing with Tony P. Kelner
The huge advantage of a meeting this size was the opportunity to get to know almost all the authors a little bit better. The pace was relaxed compared to Malice Domestic, where everything seems to start at around 7 AM.

On Sunday, most of us stayed and were driven to the neighboring town of Wetumpka, for Murder on the Menu. The audience was served lunch and got to chat with the authors between our panels. This event was put on by the library association and located in the civic center. It had a great attendance, too.

Wetumpka Civic Center

Location panel, Mike Orenduff in foreground, Brynn Bonner, Paula Benson, me, Robert Dugoni, Jaden Terrell

signing with Dee Phelps and Bert Goolsby

It’s a twin conference well worth considering!

group photo by Steve Herring
other photos by Bob Witchger


  1. Kaye, it was so good to be with you in Alabama and to do my first signing with you at my side. Great meetings, great people, wonderful time. I love the pictures you've included in your blog. Hope you are coping well with the snow.

  2. Thanks so much for getting me to the meeting! We're coping very well now. When (if) the snow comes, it might be different. We're not supposed to get a lot, but it doesn't take much to shut Knoxville down.

  3. Kaye,

    It was a wonderful weekend, wasn't it. Jan and I look forward to see you again at Malice.

    ~ Jim

  4. It sounds like a good time was had by all. Love the pictures. There are some especially good pictures of you, with a big smile!

  5. Yes, Jim! See you there.

    Thanks for stopping by, Gale. I was happy to be there!

  6. Hi, Kaye! It was a terrific weekend, and I was so glad to see you again. You're right--the smaller size gives you a chance to really connect with the other authors. I enjoyed it all. Margaret and Tammy did a great job organizing and taking care of everyone. Definitely two thumbs up!

  7. Yes they did, Ellis. I'll add two more thumbs. Good to see you again, too!

  8. Hi, Kaye!

    Wasn't this just too much fun?! Good seeing you and look forward to seeing you at Malice.

    The Other Kaye

  9. Yes, it was, and thanks for your huge bunch of pictures!

  10. It was good seeing you again - at both conferences.