Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lazy, hazy, crazy

In honor of those above mentioned days, I'll give in to sloth and post some links to other things I've been doing lately.

I guested a LOT in July, I've just realized. My fellow writers are so gracious and so good at sharing their space. That is appreciated more than I can tell them.

Feel free to drop in at any of these and leave a comment, or just glance over the other postings at these places.

7/7, a post on mystery sub-genres, for Lynn Mann at

7/10, Kristi Belcamino interviewed me at

7/17, I related my fond childhood memories of the Fourth of July at a setting I've used for a novel I hope to get published one day. This is at Joanne Troppello's Mustard Seed Blog

7/19 saw the first issue of a new venture by Bobbi Chukran, A Murder is Announced. I was privileged to be in this one at

On the 25th I was a guest on two blogs. At Lois Winston's healthy living place, I talked about the therapeutic value of pets.

The same day, Sheila Boneham hosted my musings on short story writing versus novel writing.

Yesterday, an excerpt from SMOKE was featured by Chris Redding.

I only have 4 guest posts scheduled for August, so I hope to gets lots and lots of writing done!

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