Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That All-Important National Bath Safety Month

I'll bet you didn't know that January is National Bath Safety Month. Of course, it's important to be safe in the bathroom all year, don't you think? I can't imagine that it's OK to slip and crack your head open in February, or to drop the hair dryer in the bathtub in March.

A few months ago, when I slipped and tore my rotator cuff, I began to think my bathroom might be out to get me. I decided to show that darn room. I wrote "The Bathroom".

My character tries to be safe in her bathroom, although she doesn't even know about National Bath Safety Month. She's thrilled to be in the apartment in the building her family owns. After all, the place is much bigger than her former quarters and has both a bathroom and and a powder room. While unpacking and moving in, she imagines the long bath she'll take to ease her tired, sore muscles.

Things don't work out, though. Things didn't work out for my story either. It was accepted by "Dark Valentine" but never printed there.

Would you like to know what happens in the story?

"The Bathroom" is a digital story, now available at Smashwords, Kindle, and Nook.


  1. LOL, Kaye. The events and places that lead us to stories never ends. I'm starting a Groundhog short. Your fractured fairy tale led me into temptation! Good luck with the story.

  2. Ah, I led you astray--well, at least into temptation. I did Groundhog Day a few years ago. Lots of possibilities there!

  3. Kaye,
    You crack me up! I swear no one has a brain like you. No one!

    Mary Ann

  4. Why, thank you, Mary Ann. Hey, coming from you, that's a huge compliment!

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