Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Teaching a Short Story Writing Course

If you haven't heard of Savvy Authors, it's time to get acquainted. They offer reasonably priced classes that cover all aspects of writing. Right now they're putting on a Summer Symposium. For $30 you get your choice from a long list of classes--take as many as you can handle.

The signup is at their webpage.

If you'd like to delve into short stories, I'm teaching When Shorter is Better.

Here's a bit about the class, which begins 8/24!

Are you intimidated by the thought of writing a short story? Even though you've already whipped out a novel or two? Relax, it's not that hard. There are a few basics that can help you understand the needs of a short story: the arc and structure, the character requirements, and some tips on writing shorter. We'll discuss how to get short successfully.

Five lessons:
1) structure

2) characters - number, how to introduce, how deep to go into the character

3) descriptions - how detailed to get

4) twists at the end

5) how to write shorter - eliminate unneeded words, count total words and pages, figure out how many words/page to cut

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