Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm not starting a newsletter. At least not today. It's the 13th!

I know I've always said 13 is my lucky number (engaged on it, married on it), but I don't want to tempt fate. Those two events were awhile ago. Maybe my lucky number is now 42 or something.

But I AM going to do one. I guess. Don't writers have to do them?

I'm having such a hard time deciding how to do it, though. I love the fancy ones like Cozy Chicks and Mystery Lovers Kitchen and I love the very plain one from Simon Wood. I know I don't like to read light print on a dark background, so I won't do that. My cover features orange prominently, so I should have something orange.

Running out of news isn't a problem for the foreseeable future, but am pondering how to impart news in a lively, interesting way. I've written a humorous book and I love to make people laugh. The newsletter can be an extension, another way to entertain people. So should I include jokes? Funny pictures? No, I want to hold pictures to a minimum since they make loading take longer. And with my ancient, creaky computer, I can appreciate slow machines and long loading times!

Since the book will be out soon, I'd better make some decisions and get a letter started.

Picture (public domain) : First issue of the Boston News-Letter, regarded as the first continuously published newspaper in British North America. Published April 24, 1704.


  1. I really like the tone you achieved, Kaye. It's upbeat, chatty, and not toot-tooty (a problem I seem with some of them). I will sign up to receive all your news--keep it coming!

  2. That's so good to hear, Jenny! I'll try to keep up the tone. :) As soon as I decide on a format and content, I'll be trying to get it off the ground.

  3. I have run a jokes mailing list for the last 12 years on Yahoo Groups, mostly before I started blogging, and one thing I found was that people would be waiting to read what I wrote in "My Diary", a short section in each mailing where I told people what was going on in my life, what I found funny or unusual, something that made me laugh, or just me blowing off steam about something.

    My writing often reflects that same attitude, and people love it.