Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I suppose we’ve all read that women are better at multitasking than men. But I read in “Reader’s Digest” that Marcia Reynolds disagrees.

(Yes, I subscribe to “Reader’s Digest”. It has the best jokes. I still dream of getting one accepted there, but only have rejections so far. It would probably help if I submitted them more often than once a decade.)

The quote from Ms. Reynolds, a psychologist and executive coach (who knew they needed coaching after achieving executiveness?), says both genders multitask, and that women often home in on things. The RD version is condensed from this article in Huffington Post.

I’m not sure I agree. No one can concentrate on TV sports like my husband. But it would be relaxing to hand in my multitasking badge.

Lately, I think I’ve been too much of it. Rather, I’m trying to do lots of things at once, and not succeeding at any of them. There are a million other things in my way, but the main ones, my writing goals, are short stories and novels.

This week I planned to spend a couple days on short stories and a couple days editing a novel I’m working on. Can’t seem to do it!

I think I need to set aside a week (month?) for short stories, then get down to the novel. While I keep up blogging, networking, cleaning the house slightly once in a while, exercising, journaling, playing violin, attending my writing groups, taking the cat to the vet, getting my car inspected this month, grocery shopping, laundry. No wonder things slide!


  1. I have enough trouble with 'single tasking'.

  2. Hey, you're a guy. That's what you're supposed to be able to do. But it depends on the task, I'll bet.