Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gone to the coast

I've been silent lately, and will be for awhile after this, I'm sure. That's because, tada--there's a new baby in the family!

My daughter had a baby on 9/5/10 and I'm here in the DC area helping her and her husband cope with their first child.

Here's a peek at the little guy.

Meanwhile, check out Writers Who Kill tomorrow for the second part of my two-part interview there.



  1. He is so cute! What an exciting time for your daughter. And how great that she wants her MOM there! You guys obviously have a great relationship! Enjoy the little fellow.

  2. Great excuse, Kaye! For not writing, too, but I bet you get some in between holding that sweetie.

  3. Thanks, Peg.

    You know me, Jan! I have put a short story together and have done 2 drafts. Nothing to do with babies or daughters, but an idea that popped into my head on the cab ride to the hospital their second day there.

  4. Two drafts? You're amazing. Not as amazing as that sweet little boy, of course. I hope all is going well with both baby and grown-ups.