Thursday, June 17, 2010


After about half a block I realized my front bike tire held about half the air it should. When I dismounted at my halfway point, I could see the back one was no better. This was at the halfway point for a pretty short ride. I figured I was getting at least twice the exercise pushing my gearless bike across asphalt with such a handicap.

I don't know if I burned twice the calories for having half the air or not. I am pump challenged, and my husband seems to be too (at least with the cheap pump I bought), so I'll have to wait for my son to come over and get me back on the road.

But I AM trying to exercise more. Body equals temple and all that, but even more, it's the only body I have and I use it for a lot of things. I love to write more than most anything (okay, there are a few things that are better), and I need my body for that. I know, it's a sedentary endeavor, but I still need my eyes and my fingers, and they tend to quit working well if I don't get them out and about once in a while. It makes sense to keep myself in as good a shape as I can, especially if I can do it and still eat good stuff occasionally. If I exercise (more regularly than I have been doing), that will happen. I hope!

Sitting at the computer and losing focus because my eyes have stared at blinking pixels too long, my fingers aching because I've written too many pages and forgotten to set my timer again, seems like pedaling through hot asphalt with flat tires. Bad idea.

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