Monday, April 26, 2010

Packing for a Fun Trip!

I have an exciting trip coming up! Day after tomorrow! I've been to the Malice Domestic conference in the DC area several times, but this will be the most fun one yet. Every year I know more attendees, which makes it more fun. I have a roommate this year, Marilyn Levinson, a blog partner on Dialog For Murder, which makes it more fun. And I'm nominated for an Agatha, which makes it the most fun.

My daughter lives in the area, just a short walk from the hotel, so I'll get to see her, too. I'm flying a couple days early and staying on the next week so we can shop and do lunch and stuff. I just hope the flights go smoothly!

I wish everyone could have this experience. If it's like it's been in the past, I'll have a special ribbon on my name tag saying I'm a nominee. This one is for a short story. I live for the day I'm a nominee for a novel. But I'll enjoy this moment, this trip, to the utmost anyway.


  1. Oh my Gosh, Kaye! I disconnect for a few months, travel around the globe (BACK home), get me a regular job -- and YOU get nominated for a very cool award! I am SO excited for you! Wear that special name tag with pride -- you've earned the recognition.

  2. Holly! I just saw your comment. Welcome back. I wondered where you've been! Thanks! And congrats on the job.