Monday, February 15, 2010

Short Trip to an Alien Place

Last Friday DH and I stood at our garage door and watched snowflakes fall in Taylor, Texas. We're located just a few miles from Austin, which is easier to picture, I'm sure. If you consult a map, you'll see that Austin (and Taylor) is south of most of the US, except for Florida. I know it's snowing lately in lots of places where it never snows, but I was still astounded to be a party to this weird weather phenom.

One of my sons likes to use the recent weather to pooh pooh global warming. I think the problem here is that what we've done to the planet has been misnamed. One term I heard used last week was climactic climate change. I like that. It accurately describes what's going on. No matter who or what caused it, it's real, not imaginary, and it's affecting all of us.

I just wish they'd get some nice snow in Vancouver for the Olympics. That rain is yucky!

Kaye George

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