Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going the Wrong Direction?

I feel like I'm spinning my wheels this week.

I'm falling behind in my target word count and going whole days without touching my WIP! Yikes!

BUT…I AM getting something done. I'm getting ready for a rare visit by all three of our grown child--at the same time. All three in one place.

This is a mother's dream. At least a mother whose children don't live nearby. Mine are flung from Tucson AZ to Austin TX to Washington DC with a granddaughter in Dallas at college. It's not easy for them to congregate and I appreciate that they are making the effort and that the stars aligned for this to happen.

So, no, I'm not getting much writing done, but I AM going in the right direction.

Photos: wheel by Christopher Ziemnowicz from Creative Commons
children dancing by Yann from Creative Commons
night sky by Pieter Kuiper from Creative Commons

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