Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Going off on a KDP Select Tangent

I've been watching and waiting, observing what's happening with the Amazon KDP Select program. I've see pros and cons, but finally decided to plunge in with my short story collection! The ebook version has been selling steadily, but slowly, and mostly on Amazon. I'm hoping to get more of my stories onto the ereaders of people who will appreciate them. They're a varied lot, but have received excellent reviews. One is  from PJ Coldren, whose review is on the Amazonpage where you can get your free copy today.

Kevin Tipple not only reviewed the book at Epinions, but he also counted it one his top reads of 2011!

Judy Alter also reviewed my stories at Judy's Stew

All of this is leading up to saying that A PATCHWORK OF STORIES is FREE today and tomorrow for Kindle! If you'd like to sample my short work, which--I'll warn you--is, at times, a bit darker than my long work, here's your chance.


Mary Ann Loesch said...

Awesome Kaye! I already have this short story selection and think it is terrific!

Kaye George said...

Love you, Mary Ann!